B & B Oil, Inc.
East Point, GA  (404) 768-7700 / Charlotte, NC  (704) 578-1785
 Charleston, SC (843) 225-1650 / Jacksonville, FL  (904) 374-2762

On-Road Diesel Fuel for autos and trucks. Delivered to truck stops, trucking firms, companies with diesel fleets and all types of business and government facilities.

Truck & Heavy Equipment Lubricants

Dust Control and Soil Stabilization
Asphalt Sealing and Rejuvenation

Tank and Monitoring Services

Our other company, B&B  Road Technologies, specializes in solving dust and erosion problems on unpaved parking lots, industrial yards, job sites and roads.

We also seal and restore asphalt roads for a fraction of the cost of asphalt overlays..

Petroleum Equipment and Supplies

Automotive Oils

SM 0W20, 5W20, 5W30, 10W30 Engine Oils. ATF Fluids. Gear Oils. Greases. Synthetic Oils. Anti-Freeze. Bulk or package deliveries to Retail Oil Change Locations, Maintenance Shops and Government and Private Facilities.

All of our antifreeze formulas are pre-mixed, certified and ready to use. This guarantees the quality of the finished product.

Double Wall UL-142 Flame Shield Tanks Placed At Our Customer's Facility or Moved To Specific Job Sites. Wireless Monitoring System Measures Fuel Levels For an Automatic Delivery Program.

Industrial Oils

Diesel Fuel

Gear Oil, Refrigeration Oil, Cutting and Way Oil, Turbine and Compressor Oil, Hydraulic and BIO-Hydraulic Oil, USP White Oil and All Types of Greases. All Synthetics. We can cross reference any lubricant.

CK4 15W40, 5W40,30W,40W Diesel Motor Oil. Transmission Fluids. Tractor and Heavy Equipment and Hydraulic Oils. Gear Oils. Chasis and Bearing Grease. All Synthetic Lubricants. Anti-Freeze. Bulk and package deliveries to your plant, maintenance facility or job site

DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid)


Delivered in Bulk or Drums. Pick up at our bulk plant.

B&B OIL COMPANY is a full service fuel and lubricant supplier. We deliver diesel fuel and gasoline to all types of businesses and government agencies. Our fleet of small trucks and tankwagon trucks deliver fuel to sites which require 1 gallon to 4,400 gallons. We deliver 8,500 gallon transport loads of diesel or gasoline into large storage tanks. Our disaster response and special event fueling crew is available 24/7 to fill any size tank or generator. Our pick-up truck size emergency fuel trucks deliver into hard to reach locations. We deliver and move tanks, generators and equipment with our heavy duty rollback wrecker.

Call us for DEF (diesel exhaust fluid), automotive oils, industrial oils and grease in bulk or any size container. We deliver kerosene, mineral spirits and anti-freeze in bulk and 55 gallon drums.  We supply tanks, pumps, wireless fuel monitoring systems and all petroleum related equipment and supplies. We spray dust and erosion control liquid on unpaved roads and industrial yards. We spray asphalt rejuvenators on asphalt roads.

Heavy Hauling

Anti-Freeze/ Coolant

TerraCair Ultra Pure DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) for all diesel fleet customers and diesel repair and maintenance shops.

Our DEF Delivered in specialized containers.

Kerosene, Mineral Spirits, Heating Fuel

Hauling of Tanks, Generators, Compressors and Equipment.

Any Size Tank, Pumps, Meters, Hoses, Nozzles, Grease Guns, Filters, Fuel Conditioner,Starting Fluid, 2 Cycle Oil.

All supplies for shop and construction site.   

Antifreeze formulated for Heavy-Duty, Ultra Extended Life Applications.


Off-Road Diesel Fuel for construction sites, railroads, industrial yards, generators and heating fuel, hotels and office buildings, emergency services, disaster response, events and all types of business and government facilities.


E10, E85, 93 Octane Recreation Gas (non-ethanol).

GASOLINE for Businesses, Government agencies, Job Sites and Gas stations.