Gear Oils Are Available For Use In Trucks, Tractors, Heavy Equipment and Automobiles; In Synthetic and Non-Synthetic, In Grades 80W90 and 80W140. High Performance Industrial Gear Oils Are Available In Synthetic and Non-Synthetic In ISO Grades 68 Through 1000. Total Synolan 1000 Synthetic Ashless Industrial Gear Oil Available In ISO Grades 32 Through 150.

Diesel Motor Oils are CK4 For Use in All Diesel Engines Including 2007 and Newer. Other Diesel Oils Include 30W, 40W, 5W30, 5W40, 10W30, and Synthetic 5W40.

Diesel Engine Oil

Rubia TIR 7900 15W40

Fleet Supreme EC 15W40

Kendall Synthetic 5W40

Quality Lubricants and Greases



Hydraulic Fluid

Azolla ZS

Mega Flow AW


Multis ET

Multis ET Moly        Phillips MegaPlex XD5

Automotive and Industrial Gear Oils

Transmission MDL NA

Carter SP Series

Carter ST Series

Synolan 1000

Total Gasoline Engine Oils Are Available in Synthetic Quartz 9000 and in Non-Synthetic Classic SM, GF4 in All Weights For Foreign and Domestic Applications Including 0W30, 5W40 and 10W50.

Transmission Fluid

 Fluid Multi CVT                    
 Dynatrans MP                       
 Transmission SYN 80W140

High Viscosity Index Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oils Recommended For All Equipment and Applications. Available In ISO Grades 22 Through 150.

B&B OIL COMPANY is proud to represent the quality lubricants and greases manufactured by Total Lubricants and ConocoPhillips.

B&B OIL COMPANY has a large range of industrial and automotive applications. We can supply oil and grease for most types of equipment. Our lubricants are the highest quality and meet the latest specifications, allowing us to offer our customers a warranty with their purchase of lubricants.

We offer a complete line of engine oils for U.S made cars as well as hard to find engine oils for European models. Our diesel engine oils meet or exceed all manufacturers specifications. We can meet the need for synthetic oil requirements. We specialize in heavy equipment applications. We have a complete line of industrial oils and greases.

Please find specifications and information for our most popular lubricants and greases on this page. Call us for specifications on any product.

Transmission Fluids Are Available For All Trucks, Tractors, Heavy Equipment and Automobiles. Manual Transmission Fluids Available in Synthetic and Non-Synthetic in SAE 50, 75W90, 80W140. Automatic Transmission Fluids Available in Non-Synthetic API GL4 and Synthetic ATF Including Applications for CVT (Continuous Variable Transmissions).

Grease Products Are Available For A Wide Application Range In Various Viscosities. Multis ET Is Very Tacky, Extreme Pressure Grease For General Purpose Or Bearings. MegaPlex XD5 Is Available For Applications Requiring 5% Molybdenum Disulfate Additive.

Gasoline Engine Oil

Quartz 9000 Synthetic 5W20,5W30,10W30

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