2.5 Gallon Jug

Comes with a built in spout

700-750 miles per jug

55 Gallon Drums

One way or returnable closed system.

16,500-17,000 miles per drum.

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DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid)

DEF for any size fleet.  Please call us for pricing and dispensing system recommendations.

Brenntag- TerraCair DEF is the Ultra Pure Diesel Exhaust Fluid distributed by B&B Oil Company. TerraCair DEF is certified by the American Petroleum Institute. We supply DEF to companies with diesel fleets and diesel repair and maintenance shops.

All Diesel Engines post 2010 require the addition of Diesel Exhaust Fluid to the vehicle's DEF tank. Diesel Exhaust Fluid must be kept uncontaminated during transporting, storage and dispensing. Our containers and transfer pumps are designed to maintain DEF purity. B&B Oil Company can design a DEF program with the proper size container and dispensing system for your fleet or diesel maintenance business.

330 Gallon Totes

Returnable closed system

98,500-99,000 miles per tote.